We are proud to present

The Angelica Technique(R) Professional Training Course!!

at our flagship Angelica Technique (R) School, allowing beginners and experts alike to learn how to effectively apply trigger point therapy!!

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Completely different from chiropractic treatment or conventional manipulative therapy, our technique is based on the hard knots that are so frequently formed in tissue, most commonly after excessive use of muscles or insufficient rest, but also appearing as side-effects of surgery or as symptoms after traffic accidents.

The knots, or trigger points, are directly linked to numbness and pain, even in seemingly unrelated areas.

Let’s take a better look at the symptoms…

As those who have had the experience will understand all too well, even if we visit the doctor complaining of pain or numbness caused by these muscle knots, the most common diagnosis is that there is nothing abnormal to treat.

The symptoms can even include chronic headaches, back pain, stiff shoulders, hand numbness, hernia, cervical sprain and spinal stenosis, varicose veins…. The list goes on and on, but the cause is the same – tense clumps of muscle tissue at various key points in the body.

In addition, the knots can even just cause a general feeling of poor wellbeing.

Angelica eliminates trigger points with the use of a distinctive technique.

Deep lymphatic massage, medical aromatherapy, and shiatsu pressure message are all systematically applied to the whole body.

Trigger point therapy is sometimes associated with pain and discomfort, but the Angelica Technique ® is different in that great care is taken in two areas: the atmosphere of the treatment environment, and also by the application of aesthetics, to turn the treatment into a positive experience. Clients are deeply relaxed, making the procedure a pleasant experience.

Many people find their symptoms released in a way that was previously unknown to them, leading to the mitigation of symptoms before the clients resort to more invasive treatments such as surgery, which may not even address the underlying cause of the complaints.

With this in mind, we’d like to present the Angelica Technique ®, the results of years of research for therapists residing both in Japan and overseas, who are looking to either explore therapeutics for the first time, or expand their current repertoire with a new massage technique.

Experience and skill are prerequisites for finding trigger points, but at our school we can teach even first-timers how to find them quickly and effectively.

Lessons can be taken by non-professionals for private use, to cure themselves or members of their family of the symptoms of fatigue.

Alternatively, training courses are also perfect for those aspiring to become professional therapists, as well as those with more experience. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

Angelica Technique – Personal Lessons – Beginner Course

● We will focus on the body part-by-part

★ 1st lesson
Below the knee – for problems around the waist area, and dealing with varicose veins.


★ 2nd lesson
Above the knee – for addressing sciatica, hernia, varicose veins, general back pain


★ 3rd and 4th lessons
The back – addressing shoulder stiffness, numbness, sleeping disorders, arched spine and cervical sprains


★ 5th and 6th lessons
These two lessons are concerned with the neck. The treatment of the neck is very effective and produces good results; it is generally considered a difficult treatment, but you should be able to master it with two classes.


At the end of these 6 classes, you will have mastered the Angelica Technique.

The length of each lesson is 3 hours, the course being almost 20 hours in length.

Fee per 20-hour course – ¥100,000

We are looking for test students for the opening of Angelica School.

This is an opportunity to enrol on the trigger point therapy course, a rarity in Japan with a normal price point of ¥100,000, for just ¥30,000. Limited to the first 1 enrolees.

★ Optional Lessons

● – Slimming lymphatic massage technique A technique to effectively disperse cellulite.


● Facial Lift Massage Technique A massage technique to disperse unwanted, accumulated lymph from around the face


● Head Lift Spa Restoration of a sagging scalp – the most important lift.


● FatigueMassageTechnique Relieveafundamentalproblemofmodernlife-eyestrainandfatiguefromoveruseofcomputersandscreens- withtheuseoftheShiatsutechnique.

Angelica Technique Personal Lessons – Intermediate Course


1st session
Learn the trigger point therapy technique for those who have serious problems, for example an inability to sit down, and knee problems.

2nd session
Specialised study of the trigger point therapy technique for clients with pain and numbness around the shoulder, including age-related shoulder complaints.

3rd session
Specialised study of the trigger point massage technique for those with severe lower back pain.

Approx. 10 hour course – ¥200,000

Angelica Technique Personal Lessons – Advanced course


Instructor course, for the training of advanced level trigger point therapists.


Approx. 10 hour course – ¥200,000