Our recommended products

For effectiveness you can rely on, we wholeheartedly recommend these products.

These are some of the carefully selected items we use here at Angelica.

They are all cosmetics and supplements that we use in our own care regimens, and that the chief therapist of Angelica has personally tried and selected.


These are not just good products; this list is restricted to those certain products that we feel the need to continually use, both personally and in our practice.


Clients interested in these products should feel free to come to the salon to try a little.

For non-alcohol, non-oil cleansing

●Celes Refining Gel 300ml ¥5,000(exc. tax)

Just like a beauty essence, a cleansing gel containing an abundance of moisturising ingredients.

Gently wipe to clear pores and remove dirt, makeup, and excess sebum. Rinse-to-finish type.

Using Fruit Acid as an active ingredient to regulate the metabolism of the skin
Fruit Acids (AHA)

●Ceres Medicated Alpha Lotion 120ml ¥6,000 (exc. tax)

This soft peeling product encourages the softening and peeling of dead cells, which can be the cause of complaints such as staining, wrinkles and dullness, to name but a few. AHA promotes the natural cycle and regeneration of the skin.

Supplies moisture, and if used every day, provides amazingly smooth skin.

Protect your skin with this non-oily essence , packed with moisturising ingredients.

●Ceres Essential Liquid 30ml, ¥8,000 (exc. tax)

Use after applying lotion to further moisturise and protect the skin surface from drying.

AHA, as well as other active ingredients such as skin-elasticating collagen, ceramide, and hyaluronan acid, work to permeate and moisturise, for the most supple skin.

Astounding anti-aging formula! Works on wrinkles at cosmetic-surgery level

●Ceres UPL Gel 30g ¥9,000 (exc. tax)

The same effect as Botox injections performed in cosmetic surgery, this works by suppressing the secretion of neurotransmitters which causes facial expression wrinkles, and contains the amino acid arginine which alleviates muscle tension.

Botanical extracts and skin treatment ingredients provide elasticity while also promoting the natural formation of collagen in your skin.

※In addition to the above listed products, we also use whitening beauty essence containing vitamin C, metabolism-increasing cellulite repelling cream, the highest quality aroma oil blends, among others – in our salon, taking into consideration the desired result, skin constitution, and skin condition at all times.


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