★“I’ve tried so many treatments but I’ve seen no improvement.”★

We’ll help you to relieve your pain.

An original treatment, my technique eliminates knots in muscles (which do not appear in x-rays and other imaging techniques), solving pain and numbness by targeting not only the cause of pain but also improving general blood circulation.

“It seems unbelievable now that I almost gave up. . .”

Improve skin complaints and pain of unknown origin.
Relaxation of mind and body in a healing space.

Relief from symptoms which couldn’t improve even after treatment from other health professionals, including chronic shoulder stiffness, headaches, back pain, hand numbness, to name but a few…

A feeling of something not being “set right” in a body, unnatural discomfort or pinching is caused by adhesion between bone and muscle, also known as clenched tissues due to poor blood circulation. These conditions could eventually develop unpleasant symptoms including persistent pain and numbness. It is extremely difficult to pinpoint these “knots” by touching a body and they are not even visible with high-tech medical devices such as MRI, ultrasound, x-ray, etc.

“Angelica Technique®” is a unique hand massage technique focused on the adhesion between bone and muscle. It detects the knots by using accurate sensing technique originally developed by Hideko Kawanabe. The blood circulation improves by loosening the knots and gradually removes pain and numbness.

“Angelica Technique®”, a registered trademark in Japan (2017), is originated from Hideko’s 20 years of experience and practice in massage therapy and esthetic treatments. We take pride in creating happy clients using our one-of-a-kind technique.

A feeling of something not being “set right” in a body, unnatural discomfort or pinching is caused by adhesion between bone and muscle, also known as clenched tissues due to poor blood circulation. These conditions could eventually develop unpleasant symptoms including persistent pain and numbness. It is extremely difficult to pinpoint these “knots” by touching a body and they are not even visible with high-tech medical devices such as MRI, ultrasound, x-ray.

Client testimonials

In the first half of this year, I was able to eliminate three clients with special serious symptoms with my massage. The first person was born with hip joints trouble, she always had pain when she just walk. Because of the pain even when she stretching out, she had used a cane and several kinds of medicine for pain reliever. After my treatment, she became able to walk normally without any kinds of canes and medicine.

The next customer’s limbs were swollen, so she could not be grasped things by hand, and walking was difficult with the pain of her legs due to rheumatism,. After my treatment, her physical condition was alleviated, swelling of the hands and legs also gotten better. She used to have difficulty walking in the past, but now the function of the legs has been improved so it has recovered until she can run following badminton shuttles, and even run backwards. She enjoys it with her grandchildren on holidays.

The third case is the most serious condition. She is definitely refusing the operation despite the fact that her uterus has a disease and she has been advised by doctors for hysterectomy (or removal).The reason why she refuse it are the experience of cataract surgery and failure in the past. Adding that, she had received another surgery for cervical cancer, which caused the entrance of the uterine ostium was closed, so that contamination in the uterus can’t be excreted outside. And the operation made trouble with difficulty of walking and low back. I practiced her 20 times, so that she became able to walk about 200 steps.


One day she has appealed to me that there is a lump at the base of her leg and it hurts quite a bit. This was my first experience and I slowly disappeared a lump by my massage, although I still felt terror it. The next day when I performed, I found an adhesion of the pelvis and muscle to the tip of the dust. By peeling off this adhesion, the leg which could only rise about 10 cm before the treatment, now the foot has risen to the height of the waist at the knees Currently. By continuing the treatment to her, I continue to do with hope that her problem of uterine disorders can be improved.

We apply our accumulated research and study of the trigger point technique to increase natural healing power using a number of specialisms that include deep lymph massage, medical aroma massage, and Japanese Shiatsu finger pressure massage.

Because knots reliably disappear every session, unlike blood circulation treatment, symptoms don’t return.

Angelica also has a reputation for its Facial Treatments

Drawing from many years’ experience of lymphatic massage, fatigue recovery techniques based on Oriental medicine, facial acupressure, with the use highly concentrated beauty essences. We have a long list of satisfied, discerning clients who were seeking effective rejuvenation from our safe, hand-based techniques with no side effects.

Many of our customers use this treatment as an alternative to the stress and risk of cosmetic surgery.

‘Skin age’ improvements generally experienced by customers are a reduction of around 5 years by those in their 40s, 10 years by those in their 50s, 15 in their 60s, and 20 in their 70s…!!


Our facial customers regularly express their surprise and delight that such a difference in appearance could be actually be realised.

Angelica Technique ® – Registered Trademark 2017

The four points of the Angelica Technique


1) Trigger Point Therapy

The result of 17 years of research and development, clients’ complaints of numbness and pain are instantly reduced even in situations where other treatments have been ineffective. The technique has drawn a reputation for effectively reducing headache, back pain, and numbness in various parts of the body.

My own technique, this is based on the trigger point therapy of ‘the doctor’s doctor’ who famously improved the dehabilitating lower back pain of the late US president, John F. Kennedy.

This style of message therapy is still unusual in Japan. It is supplemented with the use of aromatherapy oil or specially formulated massage cream, which helps to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.


2) Nutrition Guidance

From my personal experience of contracting severe anemia – involving symptoms such as headaches that recur everyday, lower back pain, stiff shoulder stiffness and feelings of malaise – and took a full 3 years of ingesting supplements formulated with natural ingredients to improve.

This experience taught me the importance of ‘molecular nutrition’

Taken from the medical term, my personal interpretation is ‘the meal as medicine’.

In real terms this simply means changing our current diet in minor ways, leading to better allround health, eliminating the need for drugs, improving the constitution of the body, and even improving skin condition. All by paying a little attention to what we are putting into our bodies every mealtime.

3) Stretch Guidance

Differing from the exercises seen in stretch and exercises classes, I will guide you through Angelica’s unique trigger point therapy stretch for the treatment and prevention of trigger point knots.

4) Skincare Guidance

Following counselling sessions to ascertain the problems you are having with your skin, we work with you to select an appropriate course of action and method of skin care. In some instances Oriental Medicine will be the best solution, in which case a nutritional programme will be assigned.

Customer Testimonial

My mother was basically disabled due to a dehabilitating leg condition. She could hardly walk – in fact walking was a luxury afforded to her only by taking a painful application of prescription medicine. Her immobility initiated a viscous circle of weight gain and solidified joints, further exacerbating the problem. She would wake up in the middle of the night due to the pain.

To be completely honest, we never thought we would see her be properly mobile again. At this point we heard about the techniques used at Angelica and decided to give it a try.

We were astounded to see improvement after the very first treatment. She began walking every day. We experienced first-hand her return to a healthy lifestyle, with no pain, and no medicine.

These days, it’s wonderful to see her enjoying her active life, and also to see her return to her normal weight. We can’t thank you enough, Angelica!

Featured in the June 2017 (vol.294) edition of the monthly publication プラザ岡山 (Plaza Okayama)
笑顔こんにちは (Egao Konnichiwa)

About Hideko Kawanabe

AngelicaTrigger Point Chief Therapist, Rythmic Therapist, Celeste Esthe Facial Course Certification

Certified Facial Beauty Therapist recognised by the Japanese Esthe Technique Association

Diploma Qualified

New salon opened in Ifukuchuo in March, 2017


An ongoing journey of 17 years, with heartfelt thanks to all her customers. 

Hideko is a therapist. From the modest beginnings of thinking that she wanted to be good at makeup, resulting in becoming the employee of a specialist makeup producer, and finally leaving the position to give birth. 10 years later, Hideko returned to working life – in the daytime working as an office worker, and at night working as a sales clerk, selling cosmetic products.

Every day she gradually gained confidence and thought that she’d love to be eventually able to open her own shop – a salon worthy of recommendation. The more she thought about her dream, the stronger that dream became.

The dream finally became reality in 2000. After learning how to do esthetic massage, she opened the salon Angelica. At that time it was unusually joined to an onsen facility so, every day from morning to night she plied her trade as customers came and went. It’s a physical art, and as such it was of course demanding at times, but her desire to see her salon succeed meant that she was never bitter about the hard work.

While coming into contact with various customers, she gradually became aware just how many people suffer day to day from pain caused by their various complaints. Real, physical pain. At this point she stopped thinking about just beauty, and started looking more and more into how she could help her customers find the root cause of their pain by implementing finger pressure treatment and studying asian manipulative therapy, among other techniques.

This is where the original Angelica Technique(TM) was born, and finally trademarked this year.

“The other day, my customer told me “the rheumatism I was suffering has gradually started to get better and better!” and I was so happy!! It’s been 17 years since I started the business, but I still feel like I have a lot to learn.” Relocation, and the next step.

In March, Angelica was relocated to a new location in order to create a space where women can be even more delighted to visit. Hideko – whose outgoing and active personality overflows into conversation – has a motto. One day when she was speaking in English to a foreign friend, the friend said to her “Life Is Short!”. She took these words to heart, and made them her own. Her interpretation: “you only have one life, so enjoy it and try your hardest.”

“After that point I felt open, relieved, revitalised, in both my private life and work, and I was able to enjoy life even more” she tells me, with a beaming smile.

She confides in me her next dream: “I want to help those who are the same as me: those who are

determined to help others. I want to help people who are troubled by pain in any form, directly or indirectly, all over the world!” It seems like she’s already well on the way to achieving this – brimming with ideas and buzzing with energy. Whether it be after one year, or after five years…. you can see in her eyes the bright and encompassing future of Angelica.

Hobbies: English conversation, dance, exercise, singing

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